Tarides is looking for software engineers to work on MirageOS and Irmin

Tarides is looking for software engineers to help developing and maintaining the MirageOS unikernel project and Irmin, a Git-like library database.

Founded in Paris in early 2018, Tarides helps developers and companies build secure, performant and resource-efficient network and storage services. We are using MirageOS to run applications without the overhead of a traditional operating system and Irmin to create scalable distributed applications. Tarides offers commercial support and commercial development services for companies interested to run MirageOS or Irmin as part of their technology stack.

Depending on experience and interests the job will involve:

  • Using MirageOS or Irmin to develop new applications for our customers;
  • Interfacing with the wider MirageOS community to work out a consistent architecture for the project and help defining its evolution;
  • Designing, developing and maintaining new functionalities and open-source libraries for MirageOS, such as a fast buffer library or an extensible connection framework;
  • Becoming a maintainer for existing MirageOS libraries;
  • Working with the OCaml compiler toolchain and the upcoming OCaml platform to ensure that it has all the features required for high performance and secure MirageOS operations;
  • Identifying and developing missing functionalities to make Irmin the reliable storage persistence layer of the MirageOS platform;
  • Improving user-facing interfaces (CLI, bindings and API) for Irmin to turn it into a successful general-purpose database on its own.

We are opening permanent positions in our (future) office based in Paris, but remote work is also possible. We are looking for candidates with a good knowledge of OCaml, with an interest in operating systems (virtualisation, networking or storage). Previous or existing contributions to open-source projects are welcome and encouraged.

Tarides is a very young company, so expect a lot of flexibility in your work assignments. Be prepared to wear many hats and to sometimes go beyond your original job description. For more details, please send your CV (including open-source contributions) and questions to thomas@tarides.com.