Some thoughts of a OCaml rookie

Hello, every one , as a rookie , I have a little confusion about OCaml, I don’t have any experience of the style of function coding. Because of a project which is coding by OCaml, so i am learning the language now.I’m reading the book called Real World OCaml,this is a pretty good book, maybe that my level is too low, there are some questions confusing me and i want to say that is too bored to learn just by a book.I hope that i will make it, thanks for reading.

Hi and welcome, out of curiosity–what project are you working on? Is it open source or closed source? Do you know what version of OCaml it’s using, and what build tool?


Welcome to the community!

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to post it here. Would be happy to help.

Hello,I am sorry to reply you too late. As I mentioned at the website, ihe project is open source, you can get it on github, the project name is frenetic which is a SDN controller, you probably do not konw the area called SDN. But if you are interesting in this, you can learn it by google or some professional books, thank you. All of the thing you wanted, you can download from the project’s github page.


Thank you very much.