Real World OCaml 2nd edition - release date?

Is there an (estimated) release date for the printed version of RWO 2nd edition?

We’re aiming to have a hardcopy published by summer 2020, although that’s subject to a few ongoing discussions at the moment. The online one will of course continue to be updated continuously as it is at the moment.


Do you discuss the date or the release of a hardcopy in itself?

Thank you very much for providing the online version, it’s such a valuable resource.

I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. As I noted above:

We’re aiming to have a hardcopy published by summer 2020

but there are some details about exactly how that we are currently working through.

Glad to hear it! Please do feel free to file feedback on the development version at if you have any.

The PPX chapter is largely missing by the way.

i was wondering if there are any updates on a release date for a printed version of the book. I would really be looking forward to it. Although it seems that there are still quite a few open issues on the repo…
Any info is appreciated.
Best Regards.


We are aiming to have something in print towards the last quarter of this year. More details soon!


I just wanted to say thanks for making the book available online. Will get the hardcover once it’s available.

Without this book, it would have been mission impossible for me to even get in.


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