Reads for GADT, existential types, universally quantified type code

Hello :slight_smile:

Do you know code with plenty of GADT, existential types, universally quantified types ?

I would like to read such things.

Thanks !

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The plenty makes me less confident on whether my reply is fine.

For gadt, you can click the gadt tag just below the post title to find all posts here on gadt.
I read all of them when I learn the usage of gadt.

(In the post I forgot which) I found this collection of gadt from objmagic

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hooohoh nice repo :star_struck: !

Well, I am looking to packing a small literature. Anything goes : academic papers showing off these things (what they enable and their pitfalls/limitations), perls, puzzles, real life code.

The manual has en entry on polymorphism tackling awkward type inference with explicit universally quantified types and explicit polymorphic annotations

Xavier Thirioux’s Habilitation thesis contains a large development around Taylor series in OCaml using GADTs. I think it deserves to be better known.