Open source projects using GADTs

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I’m trying to wrap my head around GADTs. I’ve read chapters on them in Ocaml Manual and Real World Ocaml, also some tutorials on GADTs in Haskell, and I think I’m starting to get them. Now I’d like to study some actual usage in real projects.

Can someone recommend an open source project that makes a good use of GADTs (for any value of “good” :wink:)?

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A couple off the top of my head:


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If you want something a bit fancy and almost dependent types on OCaml.

I’m using a GADT in my library: ocaml-decimal/ at 08c57183c8673b5058bd6010570e69f0201c03c7 · yawaramin/ocaml-decimal · GitHub

It’s a port of Python’s decimal module. The use case is to handle different exceptional conditions in decimal operations (overflow, underflow, etc.) in different ways. Some conditions can result in a value, others can result in no meaningful value. Using a GADT to model this behaviour.

You can see the handling being done here: ocaml-decimal/ at 08c57183c8673b5058bd6010570e69f0201c03c7 · yawaramin/ocaml-decimal · GitHub


A few more examples randomly sampled from a very very long list:


Here is a little sqlite wrapper I made where you can express variables in a sql statement using GADTs

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Not to miss out on the self-promotion train, here’s a shameless plug for an example of a free-software library using GADTs:

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Thank you all, this really helps!

I believe my old blog post is relevant: Typing Tricks: Diff lists | Drup’s thingies ! I also have funny slides on the topic: GADTs gone mild.

IIRC, the graphql and routes libraries use that technique, as well as Format (from the stdlib) and various other libraries.

A distinct approach to the same problem can be found in my tyre library.

Also in the stdlib, Bigarray showcases a simple (and thus easy to grasp) usage.

For a more maximalist usage of GADT, slap and tensority both use types to check dimensions in matrix computations.


You might find this blog post interesting/useful: Jane Street Tech Blog - Why GADTs matter for performance

I found this example also helped a lot to understand the utility of GADTs.


This explanations of GADTs is amazing! It should be part of the official docs. It’s first one I have read that makes sense to me.

Another interesting use is the runtime selection of the implementation used by optint. @dinosaure has written an interesting document about it:

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