Pure OCaml FFT function? (Not FFTW3!)

Can someone link me to a pure OCaml implementation of FFT? Or even simply a super academic version of DFT? Search results are overwhelmed by FFTW3 and FFTW3-adjacent responses that I can’t figure out if there is one.

Why not simply use FFTW3? I am trying this though it’s causing the OCaml GC to segfault randomly when used in a threaded application (either Async or Lwt). I’m pretty sure I’m not misusing it and would like to just stop struggling with it because I don’t need it long-term, just to debug an algorithm.

(Yes, I am aware of Thread safety (FFTW 3.3.10) and AFAICT I’m not misusing it)

It’s a bit unclear whether you want a package, but if you are just looking for code, github code search reveals a few things. E.g. this repo

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Yes, nailed it. Thank you!