Lwt translations of the Async code examples in RWO

I have recently translated the Async code examples from the excellent Real World OCaml into Lwt:

Concurrent Programming with Lwt

If you have learned (or are learning) Async through RWO and want to know Lwt as an alternative, the translated examples will be able to give you a quick overview of how similar or different Lwt and Async are. I hope they will also be helpful for people who are looking for more code examples in addition to those in the Lwt repository.

Happy hacking with OCaml!


Thanks for posting these, @dkim! @Yaron_Minsky and I are currently working on a refresh of Real World OCaml for the latest libraries, so I’ll have a think about how we could incorporate this into the online version of the book. I appreciate you releasing your code under the same public-domain CC0 terms as the original code examples.


Thank you, @avsm! I am eagerly looking forward to reading the new edition of RWO in order to update my knowledge of OCaml. Let me know if there is anything that can facilitate the incorporation of the code examples into the online version of the book.

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