Feedback on RWO dev site

Hi, if I remember correctly there is supposed to be a ‘reply’ or ‘feedback’ feature on the Real World OCaml dev version site, is that working for anyone? I can’t seem to find any way to add feedback on any of the pages (Firefox, Linux).

Two pieces of feedback:

A common source of frustration for those learning OCaml is that the standard library that ships with the compiler is limited, covering only a subset of the functionality you would expect from a general-purpose standard library. That’s because the standard library isn’t really a general-purpose tool; its fundamental role is in bootstrapping the compiler, and has been purposefully kept small and portable.

Is this still an accurate portrayal? In recent years I’ve seen it mentioned here and elsewhere that the OCaml Stdlib is open to contributions over and beyond just compiler bootstrapping.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I think a better place for this kind of feedback is the issue tracker on Github:

Also, for technical fixes, PRs are always welcome.

Anyway, these are both good points.



Thank you, I’ll open an issue.