Opam-repository: Updated documentation, retirement and call for maintainers

Hi everyone,

After having been maintainer of opam-repository for the past 6 and half years, I’m publicly announcing my retirement from it, to focus on opam itself. This change has been more or less already in effect since September last year (following a burnout) and I have since been working on writing enough documentation so that my move away from opam-repository can be as smooth as possible.

This documentation is now live in:

  • CONTRIBUTING.md: documentation at destination of package maintainers. This document has been rewritten in hopes of being more helpful for beginner and well as experimented publishers.
  • the opam-repository wiki, which now also includes:
    • a FAQ
    • informations about the infrastructure
    • a governance / points of contacts document
    • a helper on How To deal with CI
    • a list of all the current policies i could think of, as well as their reasoning and exceptions. These policies were previously mostly passed down orally, most of them have been in place since the very beginning
    • several documents at destination of current opam-repository maintainers and opam-repository maintainers in training, all freely accessible for the curious eyes (although rereading them now, i will admit those documents are not my finest work, as they were the first ones i wrote in the past 6 months :see_no_evil:)

Any improvements to these documents are also welcome. To contribute simply open a PR on opam-repository, or a ticket on the opam-repository bugtracker to contribute to the wiki.

Hopefully, all these documents are a solid enough base so that they get updated as time goes on, by current and future opam-repository maintainers.

I’m also writing this post to call for said future opam-repository maintainers: if you want to become a maintainer, feel free to contact @mseri and @raphael-proust. I do recommend the experience of working with them on opam-repository :blush:



Thank you @kit-ty-kate for your hard work for all these years. Truly you’ve made opam-repository a friendly place for the weary pull-requester battling CI woes. May your work on opam itself be peacefully productive and may all your builds be green!


I completely agree with @c-cube. Thanks a lot @kit-ty-kate for all your work in these years and for being such a good person to work with. I hope you’ll still hang out for a chat at the opam-repo calls every now and then :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the work on opam-repository both the maintenance and the proactive prep for OCaml releases. And thanks for showing me the ropes :heart:


Thanks for your tireless work on opam-repository Kate. You maintained (for 6 years!) one critical piece of the OCaml and Opam infrastructure and our community won’t be here today without you.

Thanks and all the best for the next projects!


Three cheers for @kit-ty-kate! You were/are a spectacular maintainer, and leaving the excellent documentation PRs is a brilliant way to open up the road for more maintainers in the future!


Dear @kit-ty-kate, thank you so much for your relentless effort on opam-repository and its tooling. Your amazing work to update to new compiler releases smoothly, and move the ecosystem quickly to new packages are just amazing.

Your quick response time for fixing small and big things resulted in so many smoothly working upgrades of packages, and happyness and joy (I’m no more afraid of opam upgrade thanks to your efforts in CI systems and watching / fixing opam constraints). Your openness for solutions when problems were reported, and your kind comments were always appreciated.

A big thanks :tada::partying_face: for your work on it. Hope you’ve a great time in the future working on opam and whatever else. :smiley:


Thanks a lot for all the hard and excellent work @kit-ty-kate !!!

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Thank you @kit-ty-kate for your hard work for all these years.