Happy opam decaversary!

@smondet observed recently that the first commit to ocaml/opam-repository was a decade ago, by @samoht!

 $ git show 632bc2ee | head
commit 632bc2eed00704bbbcdb5531d709c8d3f0cb0939
Author: Thomas Gazagnaire <thomas@gazagnaire.org>
Date:   Wed Mar 28 15:49:16 2012 +0200

    Initial commit

And since then, @smondet calculated that it’s over 5 pull-requests closed per day over that decade.

 $ echo 'scale=2; 19900 / (365.2425 * 10 )' | bc

To everyone that’s contributed to the OCaml package community over the past decade: thank you.

And to the hard working maintainers of opam and opam-repository, an equally large amount of gratitude. The human element of having a manually curated package database for our community was controversial when we decided to do it back in 2011, but it has worked out well in retrospect and simply wouldn’t have been possible without all of you being willing to take part with your code and energy.