Ocsigen.org is down?

Many docs are located there (particularly Lwt), so I think it’s somewhat troublesome?

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I just noticed this too. I believe this is traditionally reported in https://github.com/ocsigen/ocsigen.org, to trigger notifications to the appropriate people.

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Thanks Anton, I just opened an issue on the repo to notify them.

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I almost made a post here two weeks ago asking about an outage. This will mark the 4th or 5th serious outage in the relatively short time I’ve been interested in the framework.

Can anyone speak to the reason for this remarkably frequent downtime? I am curious whether it it indicates inherent problems with the framework (which still wouldn’t make me stop studying and using it, it would just be nice to know!) or whether it may be attributed to some other aspect of the organization’s infrastructure…

I understand the inconvenience caused.

The site is currently served by an INRIA-provided server. We have been recently hit by hardware failures and infrastructural changes beyond our control.

We are working on transitioning to a statically-generated website (most likely hosted on GitHub). Due to the complexity of the docs, the transition will take some months, but it will hopefully resolve the issue forever.

@shonfeder, rest assured that the reliability issues have nothing to do with the Ocsigen code itself.


Thanks for the information, @vasilisp! This confirms my suspicions and is reassuring to learn.

Best of luck to the team on the transition!

The Inria sysadm team restored the access to the server yesterday afternoon.
The server has moved to a different subnetwork and the DNS have been updated.
Everything should work now, but another intervention is scheduled in a few days.
We’ll try to limit the downtime as much as possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience,

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Thanks for the update, and for the continued work developing and maintaining such great software and detailed documentation.