[ANN] Web dev: First Ocsigen public meeting

Hi all!

We are pleased to inform you that the Ocsigen team is taking significant steps to enhance our projects and better serve our users.

As part of our commitment to improving user experience, we are organising public meetings to engage with our user community.
We welcome all users to participate and share their stories, providing us with valuable insights into their needs and expectations.

We will be discussing current development tasks & priorities, our current projects, and what we see in Ocsigen’s future.

Join us Monday the 15th of July at 1pm (France/GMT+2) at the following link: meet.google.com/kcb-ftph-niz


As this is the first meeting, I propose the following agenda:

  • A tour de table
  • A short presentation on the status of the project and current plan for the future of Ocsigen and more generally of the Web in OCaml.
  • Then I propose to have a free discussion: questions, user needs, suggestions.

Feel free to add more items in the agenda.

Do not hesitate to come, even if you are just curious.


Reminder: The meeting is today.

summary / notes : 2024-07-15 ocsigen meeting - Google Docs


Thanks William for the organisation and thank you all for your participation! We will organise more meetings like this.
Here is link to my slides (status of the project):


Wow, I just skimmed through Vincent’s slides and the notes - I’m blown away.

There is just so much interesting stuff, but one thing stood out to me: Ocsigen might switch away from Lwt? This once more shows that French people are good for surprises and like a revolution once in a while (no offense). IIRC Lwt was written for the Unison file sync project but has been adopted by the Ocisgen project for a long time. Rewriting the code has to be a mammoth project.

If I had to choose one issue I’m most interested in, I’d take PostgreSQL connectivity. The meeting notes state “pgocaml has pain points” and that’s quite right. Every new Ocsigen user using a current version of PostgreSQL will be bitten by this bug and the Pgocaml folks don’t seem to be very responsive.

Reading the documents from the first “Ocsigen dev meeting” got me excited. Thank you for working on this great project.

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The switch from Lwt to effects is not completely decided yet. It is a revolution indeed.
It will depend a lot on what the community does. If most libraries switch to direct style, it will be difficult not to follow.

Effect have some advantages: easier to use for beginners, compatible with multicore OCaml.
One drawback: difficult to know where cooperation is likely to happen (as long as we don’t have typed effects) (it’s probably not a huge pb for Web apps).

About database library: we’ve never really worked on database libraries because we wanted to focus on the core of our work and we were hoping that the community would solve the database problem. Eliom does not depend on pgocaml or postgresql. Ocsigen Start uses pgocaml by default but it would be quite easy to replace it with something else. People seem to like Caqti for example.
This is perhaps something we should consider?