OCaml 2017 videos?

Was the OCaml workshop recorded this year? I’m wondering since ICFP has its own streaming site this year, which means it’s less likely to put videos up on youtube for the workshops.


The workshop was recorded. I’m not sure what the schedule for putting them online is, but @gasche probably knows.

I don’t know either, usually the ICFP video people do it in the following weeks, ICFP conference first and then workshop laters. I (or anyone else) can update this topic when they become available.


A quick update: I was told that the workshop videos should start showing up around next week.


Folks, where should we expect to see the videos?


and while we’re talking about videos and ICFP 2017 related, is Interfacing OCaml and Rust: picking the right tool for the job by Joris Giovannangeli at CUFP 2017 recorded and available? I couldn’t find it so far.


@gasche, where do these things get posted? Unfortunately, when I googled a bit for ICFP 2017 videos, I didn’t have a lot of luck.

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I expect the videos to show up on the ICFP Youtube channel, but as one can see they aren’t available yet – I was told something too optimistic. I pinged the relevant people (the ICFP video chair), but there is not much else we can do. Patience is a virtue!


Videos for the main ICFP 2017 conference just started flowing in on Youtube. I have no insider information, but I hope that video recording of the workshop talks will soon follow.


Looks like they posted some of the videos but the OCaml workshop is missing. Deja vu?

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So the videos of the Scheme Workshop are now up online. I still don’t have reliable information (the last time I pinged people was December 8th), but I hope that the OCaml videos will show up… at some point :slight_smile:

CUFP.org site embeds the videos directly. I add the links once the videos become available, but to my knowledge they are not up yet.

Some of the videos have been uploaded three days ago, they are available on an OCaml 2017 Youtube channel.

The links were added to the meeting page.

Some videos are private. Is this intended?


Why are these with such an incredible bad audio?

I would guess that the microphone for the auditorium didn’t connect directly in to the recording equipment.

It is indeed rather difficult to hear the talks.

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This counts for all the talks.

Haven’t tried listening yet, but that’s too bad. Same problem as last year I believe.

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Yah, it’s a shame. I’d really like to hear some of this stuff. I suppose someone who is pretty talented at audio processing could improve them.