Notes from the jbuilder design session (September 9th)

We had a jbuilder design session on September 9th, during the ICFP week in Oxford – see the announce.

I just uploaded the notes I took during the event, as an unstructured log of the discussions that occurred: notes. Also available are the slides of Jérémie @jeremiedimino Dimino’s short presentation on jbuilder design, and François @bobot Bobot’s presentation on jbuilder for Frama-C.


Thanks for such excellent notes, @gasche! We are also opening up the maintenance of jbuilder to more developers, as it finds its feet as a general purpose build system for OCaml. @rgrinberg and @dra27 are now developers – if you would also like to contribute, then the best way to get started is to go through the meeting notes above and get in touch about working on one of the features :slight_smile:

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I think the notes from the discussion (or a link) should be added to the jbuilder repository. I find the description of how jbuilder initialises helpful. Previously I had looked at the code and I found it difficult to figure out.

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Good idea. Might want to use the repo’s wiki.

So @seliopou, who was present at the meeting, started the process of turning some of our discussions into code comments in PR#252. Do not hesitate to follow this example!

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