Cambridge Jbuilder demo/discussion: May 25th



Docker Cambridge will be hosting a tech talk by Jeremie Dimino from Jane Street about their Jbuilder build system, and hosting lunch from 1100-1300 on May 25th 2017.

Anyone interested in Jbuilder and seeing it in action are welcome! Please fill in the doodle at if you would like lunch on us.

EDIT: A summary of the talk and recording is available at


Is this talk being recorded?


I wasn’t planning to, but it could be… we have a setup in the office, so I’ll see if I can arrange it (with Jeremie’s permission).


The Zoom URL is: <>

We will probably be starting at around 1115 UK time (45 minutes from now), arrangements permitting. I’m trying out the recording facility, so there will hopefully be one available soon.



Slept through this (PST timezone made that fairly likely), would love to have this kind of talk recorded - I’m just getting into jbuilder, and the more examples, the better!


Your wish is granted, @sgrove! The YouTube video of the talk is now up at – apologies for the choppy audio in places, as we were recording on a laptop.

Thanks very much to @diml for visiting Docker Cambridge, and we are now taking him to the traditional local venue to celebrate how much better Jbuilder has made our lives :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for sharing so fast!


Thank you so much for this! It’s great getting an overview from the man himself :smiley:


I’ve also added a summary post of the presentation yesterday - it mostly looks at the motivation behind Jbuilder, and which features differ from existing solutions. Jérémie might also share his slides soon too :slight_smile:


Thanks @gemmag – I have edited the main post to link to your summary as well.