New name for jbuilder

Hi, for legal reasons we need to change the name of jbuilder. If you have suggestions, feel free to write them on this github ticket:


Just a few ideas, for brainstorming.

If we would continue the camel theme, i.e., oasis, tuareg, etc, then a caravan could be nice, e.g., caravan build. We can also adopt some caravan terminology.

Also, jbuilder associates with jam to me (I mean Perforce jam and derivatives), thus something like ojam could also work.

Finally, jbuilder is about managing a project, thus something not that fancy, but rather practical would be: oproject. It’s rather long though, if something shorter is needed, then we can go into oat for OCaml Automation Tool.


But… Seriously? :sweat:

I suggest “machinery”, with the actual command being “mach”, so: mach build and so on.

But also caravan is nice :smiley:

mach is sadly the name of an operating system kernel…

I like caravan. :slight_smile:


In the camel theme : OUED (Ocaml Ultimate Environment Driver).
In the technical acronym style: OPROM (Ocaml PROject Manager).
My 2 cents.

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Orix , Orix builder
jSand , Sand builder

caravan is indeed great :slight_smile:


caravan evokes a nice picture. a group of diverse entities tied together to move towards a common goal. does that fit what jbuilder does? maybe yes, the different compilation units and so on… (i think it would also fit opam but changing opam is not up for discussion)

for the project-motivated name, one could shorten it to


i like the sound but maybe it’s too error-prone, or too close to O.J.


Caravan is a great idea. J-names sound like Java.

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My only problem with “caravan” is it doesn’t really convey the notion that this is a build tool. It’s nicest when tools have names that convey a bit about what they do.

Unfortunately most of the build-type names are already taken, but names like “carpenter”, “mason”, “fabricate” (or perhaps “ofab”), etc. aren’t yet. I’d say “assemble” would be a good name but for the historic use in computer science.

“yaom” (yet another ocaml make) and variants also might work.

“yob” (yetanother ocaml builder) would be funny for those of us who know UK slang.

FYI: opam-repository already contains a package named caravan. Since there’s no process how to handover package names, if you decide to rename jbuilder to caravan, we’ll need to either agree on such a process, or you’ll have to use a different opam package name. The only conflict I can think of was acme (on the one hand for communication with the text editor and 9p interface, on the other hand the protocol let’s encrypt uses). The settlement was based on first come first serve, and the latter was renamed to ocaml-letsencrypt.

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Yeah, the package looks rather abandoned, and we can contact the author and ask him to donate the name.

Even though it was installed twice in the last month? (Or was that people investigating to see whether it was abandoned?)

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Continuing the thousand and one nights theme, how about Vizier

vizier build

OK, now

vizier test

Good boy, vizier…


May I suggest tarik? It is the Tuareg name for the saddle of a camel. It is an ingenuous assemblage of various parts to be able to lead a camel (which does not seem to be as easy a horse). You may see various pictures by googling (sorry) this query.


  1. The name does not seem to be used in the software world
  2. It continues the camel theme.
  3. it is short.
  4. It evokes both an assemblage and leading a camel.
  5. I also tend to think it evokes nice thoughts (people, travels, landscapes, a thing that is both ancient and modern…)

I like caravan too. It reminds me this version of Ellington’s theme interpreted by a french gypsy nomad with some caravans and a fire camp in the background.


It could be the CI tools, IDK :slight_smile:

Only a semi-serious suggestion, but I’m assuming ungulate is already taken? It can be re-analysed as a verb.

I like this one. It feels like the name of a build system, while caravan does not.

Not bad, though vizier is my favorite so far.