New OCaml books?

I wonder, why there are no new OCaml books since 2014 year? Many books are published on Haskell, Scala, F# themes, but no OCaml. I think we need new books for learning and for rising interest in our beautiful language.


Beautiful!! Many Thanks for information!

A Chinese book OCaml语言编程基础教程 (an introduction to OCaml language programming) is published in 2018.


I’m working on a free culture book. The preview is at and the source is at

It’s under CC-BY-SA so it belongs to the community—it can be a living document that people can keep up to date even if original authors abandon it. It’s also supposed to be a collaborative project, but almost no one is collaborating so far. :wink:


I’m also working on a free culture book. The preview is at

It’s under CC-BY-SA.

Planned chapters includes : Records, Type polymorphism, Modules as functions, Conceptual graphs.

The reason why i don’t contribute to @dmbaturin’s effort is that my main topic is algorithmic, ocaml is more a good way than a goal.


That link is asking me to authenticate.

No need to justify yourself. The more good books and views there are, the better.

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Here is my 2nd try. I hope you don’t need to be a member of this time.


what about a way to submit leetcode solutions in ocaml?

I’ve been wanting this and I have some ideas to pull some libraries together.


This works, thanks.
Where should I post suggestion/bugs to this?

I would say it’s just an early draft, more debate will come when i have more content to offer.

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