Starting to study

Hi guys! I wanna start to study OCaml, but I dunno how to start. Should I start reading some book like Real World OCaml? Or some course? Thx <3


The real world OCaml book is pretty good. I’d recommend using their newer edition:

If you like MOOC format then the OCaml MOOC is an excellent option. They have a new session that is currently running ->

That said, if you don’t have much experience with other programming languages, I’d recommend starting with Beginning OCaml followed by More OCaml (both by John Whitington; More details at: I think its a more gentle introduction to OCaml and focuses on the language without worrying about other tooling. After this Real World OCaml can be a good introduction to using some libraries from the ecosystem, using dune to build/test projects etc.

I’d also recommend joining the discord channel and post on the #begnners channel if you get stuck:

Happy learning,