List of resources on ocaml

I made a small list of written resources on ocaml. Some might find it helpfull.

  • Ocaml from the very beginning ( John Whitington )
  • More Ocaml ( John Whitington )
  • Real World Ocaml (Yaron Minsky / Anil Madhavapeddy / Jason Hickey )
  • Ocaml Programming : Correct + Efficient + Beautiful (Michael R. Clarkson )
  • Ocaml for Scientists ( Jon D. Harrop)
  • Practical Ocaml ( Joshua B. Smith )
  • INF231 : Functional Algorithmic and Programming (Universite Joseph Fourier / Thanh-Hai TO)
  • Programming Well : Abstraction and Design in Computation ( Stuart M. Shieber)
  • Programming Languages and Techniques ( Lecture Notes for CIS 120) (University of Pennsylvania / Steve Zdancewic ; Stephanie Weirich )
  • Using Understanding and Unraveling the Ocaml Language (Didier Rémy)
  • Introduction to Objective Caml (Jason Hickey)
  • A short Introduction to Ocaml (INF 549: Ecole Polytechnique / Jean-Christophe Filliatre)
  • Think Ocaml ( Nicholas Monje / Allen Downey)
  • Algorithmic with Ocaml
  • Unix System Programming in Ocaml (Xavier Leroy / Didier Rémy)

It’s getting a bit old but at the time I also enjoyed:


Is any of these resources updated for Ocaml 5?

It depends what you mean by “updated”. All of them should work just fine in conjuction with OCaml 5. But I don’t think any of them cover the new features of OCaml 5 (domain parallelism and algebraic effects).



Which reminds me the introduction to the language in the manual is fine too and covers this.


The main website has a list of books: OCaml Books
but it lists only 7 books in English. And it looks like “OCaml for Scientists” by Jon Harrop is hard to come by? (Dead link. It’s also a bit old, from 2005.)

In addition to, there is awesome ocaml which has a list of similar ressources, in addition to other useful stuff

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