New OCaml books?

I wonder, why there are no new OCaml books since 2014 year? Many books are published on Haskell, Scala, F# themes, but no OCaml. I think we need new books for learning and for rising interest in our beautiful language.


Beautiful!! Many Thanks for information!

A Chinese book OCaml语言编程基础教程 (an introduction to OCaml language programming) is published in 2018.


I’m working on a free culture book. The preview is at and the source is at

It’s under CC-BY-SA so it belongs to the community—it can be a living document that people can keep up to date even if original authors abandon it. It’s also supposed to be a collaborative project, but almost no one is collaborating so far. :wink:


I’m also working on a free culture book. The preview is at

It’s under CC-BY-SA.

Planned chapters includes : Records, Type polymorphism, Modules as functions, Conceptual graphs.

The reason why i don’t contribute to @dmbaturin’s effort is that my main topic is algorithmic, ocaml is more a good way than a goal.


That link is asking me to authenticate.

No need to justify yourself. The more good books and views there are, the better.


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what about a way to submit leetcode solutions in ocaml?

I’ve been wanting this and I have some ideas to pull some libraries together.


This works, thanks.
Where should I post suggestion/bugs to this?

I would say it’s just an early draft, more debate will come when i have more content to offer.

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Just chiming into the conversation to ask what is the ideal book/tutorial to get into OCaml? I am a data scientist which means that I do code at work (we use scala, python and I have experience with C++) but of course I am not a software engineer. I have seen that book that might interest me [ANN] Draft of OCaml Scientific Computing book

Also, is the book by Mr Leroy and Weiss still useful today? ( (I mean, has the syntax/language not changed too dramatically? )

Maybe I could read that one (I can read french) and have another resource for more “modern” syntax (if it has evolved). Which one?


You might like this:

And of course Real World OCaml, mentioned in comments above.

Good luck!


There is also an updated version of the Cornell course material online. The new version has embedded video lectures in most (all?) chapters and you can submit changes via github.

OCaml Programming: Correct + Efficient + Beautiful


The language has not changed much. There are some extensions and new features, but programs from 15 years ago are usually still compiling.
I do not think there is a great book for tooling though, from what I remember, real world ocaml was not completely up to date on the subject, and le language caml will probably be even worse

Introduction to Objective Caml by Jason Hickey is my fav introductory book on OCaml!