London Tezos meetup - OCaml programming speaker needed

Dear OCaml community,

We are hosting a small meetup for Tezos in London. The topic is: Is this the Next Big Cryptocurrency? TEZOS: The Digital Commonwealth.

We really hope there is an OCaml developer can be at the meeting and talk to the audience about some key advantages (or disadvantages) of OCaml language.

Will you be free and interested in joining us to be one of the speakers? The time and location is:
Fri 1st June 2018
19:30 – 22:00 BST
Imperial College London Kensington, London, SW7 2AZ

Please be in contact.

Kind regards,

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Maybe you can bribe a member of the Cambridge OCaml community to come down and talk. The offer of a free dinner and drinks has been known to work.

That sounds good. There are pizzas for free in the event and drinks are included. We would love to make some like-minded friends.

Question: how to approach them to offer this though?

You’re probably in the right place. You could also try figuring out if there’s someone in particular you want to invite and extend an offer to them.

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Hey! Good to see a dedicated meetup for Tezos!

I have a talk that might be suitable. I already presented it at one of the London ReasonML meetups (which I co-organize). It’s about error handling in OCaml and the title is “If it compiles it works”.

If that sounds interesting and you haven’t found anyone yet, let me know. I can give you more details.

How technical is the audience of the talk, by the way? Will there be any OCaml/functional programmers?


Thank you! We just have one, but not finalising yet.

Your topic is highly relevant.

There will be 10 minutes per talk.

Here is the schedule for the event:

6pm: The organisers - Stephen from Owlstand, Suraj from Bettingwin, an additional TBA speaker and anyone else involved in the event from our side such as Tezos board members, camera crew etc. will arrive.
6-7:30pm: Setup of laptops, projectors, recording equipment and any other general event preparation will take place.
7-7:30pm: Guests/attendees will begin to arrive.
7:30pm: The introduction talk thanking people who attended, introducing the speakers and outlining the next hour and a half will begin.
7:40pm: First speaker
8/8:10pm: Second speaker
8:30/8:40pm: Third speaker
9/9:10pm-10pm: Conclusion talk thanking the audience etc. - At this point we will give out the ordered pizzas and hold the room for networking - allowing people to mingle with each other, chat to the speakers and enjoy their pizza!

We can see if we can fit one more speech or leave it to next event.

Many thanks.

I strongly recommend you not pack in four hours of talks and events for a meetup. People will be burned out and exhausted less than halfway through. Successful meetups of this sort usually have one long talk of maybe 45 minutes to one hour duration, maybe start with a couple of community announcements, and are never more than 1.5 or perhaps maybe 2 hours long end to end, with socializing in a pub or similar location after the event ends. You are also never going to get a useful talk on OCaml packed in to ten minutes, and you are not likely to get an interesting and serious speaker on the topic if that’s all the time you offer them to present.

Hi Perry thank you for your suggestion. I think every talk is around 20 minutes. After 9:00pm, we will have foods and talks casually.

Actually, I think there is a “bug” in the timeline. The total talking time shall be maximum 1 hour combined.

I will double check with our event organizer.

Hi Rizo,

Your topic “If it compiles it works” is very interesting.

However, there is a developer Richard from RedHat who book the slot slightly earlier than you.

Can I still invite you to come?

We might have meetup running constantly(monthly or bi-monthly?).

It will be better to have you on board and meet you there.

How do you think?

Kind regards,

I think you should not expect, under the circumstances, that you’re going to get a lot of enthusiasm from technical speakers. People normally expect that they’re going to get a long slot, that there will only be one long technical talk in an evening (because if people are listening to a serious technical talk there’s a limit to how much they can absorb), and that they as speakers are going to be treated quite well by the inviting organization since they’re not being paid to show up. Even the level of disorganization seems off-putting. That said, I don’t expect you’re going to treat my comment seriously, which is a shame.

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Hi Perry, there will be 3 topics and maximum half hour for each talk. My topic is: The motivation of spending in proof of stake systems. Then Suraj will present BettingWin, a dapp built on Tezos. Then Richard will talk about OCaml development.

It’s more like a community gathering rather than seminars.

I did take your comment seriously and shorten our talks.

Hi Stephen,

Sorry for the delay and thanks for the invite! Hope the organisation of the event is going well.

Regarding the other speaker, it’s good to know you found someone! I’ll be glad to meet you both at the event.

See you soon! :slight_smile:

this is amazing! see you in the event!