OCaml Café: Thu, Feb 11 @ 7pm (U.S. Central)

Join us with your questions about the OCaml language, or just to hang out with the OCaml community. Especially geared toward new and intermediate users, experienced OCaml developers will be available to answer your questions about the language and ecosystem.

Whether you’re still trying to make sense of currying or can spot non-tail-recursive code from across the room, we hope that you’ll join us on Thursday, February 11 at 7pm (U.S. Central time). Meeting info and additional details can be found at https://hfpug.org.


A quick bump to remind people that we’ll be getting together this Thursday at 7pm (Central time) to discuss all things OCaml.

And also to answer some questions that I’ve received:

  • Everybody’s welcome to join, regardless of level of experience/expertise with the language. As we’re especially targeting new/intermediate users, the more intermediate/experts we have, the better!
  • The meeting is officially scheduled for 1 hour but a number of us have already planned to stay for 2 hours and/or as long as the discussion continues.
  • There’s no agenda. The discussion will be driven by the interests of those attending.
  • We haven’t yet decided if this will be an ongoing series or even if there will be another one. We’re interested in doing so but it really depends on how this first one is received. So if you skip this one, you might end up regretting it for the rest of your life!

Thanks Claude for the great session yesterday. Was great being able to talk face-to-face about all things OCaml!