Lablgtk3: background color for whole row in tree-store (in one go), possible?

Hello OCaml enthusiast,

In this GUI, is it possible to color the background of a row in one go, I mean without coloring each cell (row / column) one by one?

The examples in the gtk git/tarball shows how to color a column, but not a row. I want to toggle between two light grey for readability purpose.


This is the best I can achieve so far, using this source file. The commented source lines are failing attempt at doing better. Not terrific. I would like an end result like the VLC track windows on macOS

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This setting which is activated in the tree_store example, it hints gtk to render the tree view in “zebra stripping” mode, IF THE GTK THEME SUPPORT IT. Which is not the case with the default gtk3 theme shipped by macports at least. Shame.

let treeview = GTree.view ~model ~packing:sw #add () in
    treeview #set_rules_hint true ; (* supposed to do zebra striping with that, does not :-( *)