Lablgtk3: how to set radio buttons for a GTree.cell_renderer_toggle

Howdy OCaml enthusiasts,

I would like to use this C API call in GTK+3, but cannot find how to express the thing using lablgtk3. The examples do not cover this API call.
Using find and grep, it seems the stub exists:

philippe@air2:~/Sources/Build/lablgtk-git$ gfind . -type f -iname "*.ml*" -print0 | xargs -0 grep -i "set_radio"
./tools/introspection/stubs/  external set_radio: [>`gtkcellrenderertoggle] obj -> bool -> unit = "ml_gtk_cell_renderer_toggle_set_radio"

Help welcome!


Seems it’s this cell property [`RADIO true] which is available for this purpose:

let renderer = GTree.cell_renderer_toggle [RADIO true; CELL_BACKGROUND_GDK (GDraw.color (NAME "grey95"))] in