[ job | internship] Software Engineer Position at beNEXT.io

Software Engineer Position

beNEXT, an Australian-based startup, is hiring for the “Software Engineer”.

beNEXT is creating the next generation of Smart Legal Contracts based on the Accord Project.

Our plan is to change the way contracts are negotiated and executed, and relegate paper and dumb PDFs to the recycle bin of history, by turning contracts into discrete pieces of software that execute and interact with the real world!

You can learn more about beNEXT by visiting https://benext.io or the Accord Project by visiting https://accordproject.org

beNEXT is looking for a highly motivated and intelligent individual with solid and demonstrable skills in one or more of the following:

  • OCaml;
  • Q*cert compiler;
  • Coq;

Ideally this person would also have experience with Node.js and/or various Javascript frameworks.

An understanding of the Accord Project (including Ergo, Concerto and Cicero) would be advantageous but not mandatory.

Candidates can be located anywhere in the world, provided they have access to reliable, high-speed internet and are prepared to work hours which overlap with Australian Eastern Time - typically UTC+10:00.

If the successful candidate were lucky enough to live in Melbourne, Australia, then attending the beNEXT office in Collingwood is an option. However, our assumption is that this engineer would work from their home office and/or a local domestic office of their choosing.

We are open to engaging the successful candidate in either a full-time, part-time or freelance role depending on the individual circumstances or preferences.

Alternatively, this could be an internship role for a final year computer science student with the view to becoming a permanent employee upon graduation.

The successful candidate would primarily be working on contributions to the Accord Project, in addition to working on the beNEXT smartLEGAL platform, as necessary.

Interested persons can contact us via email at hello@benext.io or by replying to this message.

Thank you!


Martin Halford | CTO - Cofounder | beNEXT

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