Is there specialized math library for statistics?

I searched to find math library which is written in OCaml, but there are only few repositories.

I’d like to use some function like coefficient correlation, covariance, etc.

I found Lacaml but it seems not to support them.

Could you give some link if you know?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi, you can take a look at Owl :
There are stat functions and also a lot more


There is also this one:

GSL powered OCaml statistics library

And probably even some more:

opam search statistic
# Packages matching: match(*statistic*)
# Name            # Installed # Synopsis
gsl               --          GSL - Bindings to the GNU Scientific Library
oml               --          Math Library
owl               --          OCaml Scientific and Engineering Computing
owl-plplot        --          OCaml Scientific and Engineering Computing
pareto            --          GSL powered OCaml statistics library.
statsd-client     --          StatsD client library
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