Annouce : statistical memory profiling for OCaml

Dear OCaml community,

It is my pleasure to announce statmemprof, a statistical memory profiler for OCaml. This tool will help you better understand the memory consumption of your programs and find memory leaks. It can be tuned to have little overhead (as low as < 1%) while still gathering useful information.

This tool can already be installed via opam:

$ opam switch 4.06.0+statistical-memprof  #The switch also exists for 4.03.0 and 4.05.0.
$ opam install statmemprof-emacs

Then, instructions for using it can be found be reading the README file.

Please note that even though this tool is already useful, it is still at a preliminary stage of development. I would be very happy to get your comments to help me understand what would be the most useful improvements.

Happy hacking !