Memtrace, a new memory profiler for OCaml

I thought people might be interested in this post, by Luke Maurer.

It announce memtrace-viewer, which is a fancy new memory profiler for OCaml, based on the new support for statistical memory profiling, based on work by Jacques Henri-Jourdan and Stephen Dolan.

I mostly want to say: this is really good stuff. We’ve gotten a ton of benefit from it at Jane Street. People have found the tool to be easy to use, and they’ve been able to uncover and fix a wide variety of performance problems with it. So, try it out!

And it would be interesting for people to reply to this thread with any experience reports. I’d love to get a better sense of the utility people are deriving from our tools outside of Jane Street.



Looks extremely promising. The memtrace_viewer tutorials reference a docs directory which isn’t present on github - would it be possible to add this?

The blog post contains essentially everything in the (deliberately) missing docs directory. I’ll look at replacing the reference to that directory with a link to the post.

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This is great, thanks! I had a go with it using the native Windows ports running memtrace-viewer from WSL. The result’s a nice workflow (and a few bug fixes here and there…), which I’ve written up here.