How to start contributing

Hello everyone! I am Mahak Gupta, sophomore from IIT Roorkee. I am looking to contribute here for outreachy round 22. Please tell me how to get started.
Thank You


Hi @Mahak_gupta welcome to the OCaml community :camel:!

Thank you for taking interest in contributing to the OCaml community for Outreachy. I’ve been helping out along with many others set up some of the projects for Outreachy. The outreachy site is the best place to get started as you can sign up there and then see all of the OCaml related projects. Part of the process of applying requires you to make a small contribution to the project before hand – we’ve started creating some useful good first issue problems over on the site. There is at least one unclaimed one (I’ll add more soon!). This might be a good place to start and if you have any problems lots of people are willing to help. You can reach out by posting on here or on an issue/PR to the site.

@avsm and @gemmag are also very involved and might have some more to say.

Thanks again for your interest :))



Greetings @patricoferris !
Hope you are doing great. I am Srishti Guleria and I want to contribute to this amazing open source OCaml. Kindly guide me where can I get started. It would be great if you could assign me some beginner friendly issues to get started.