Getting started with OCaml

hello, I’m Yashi. An undergraduate student, INDIA. I am familiar with HTML, CSS, and JS along with a firm knowledge of react framework, although very new to OCaml. I’m willing to learn and contribute to OCaml along with some good community bonding.

I am expecting outreachy in summer 2021, and it would be great if I can get a firm idea about how and where to get started from. so that I can set up my local environment and get familiar with the codebase before the actual contribution period starts.



Hi @YASHI_VIJAY welcome to the OCaml community :camel:!

I’m one of the mentors on the Outreachy project for this summer. In terms of getting started with OCaml there are a few good resources I can share:

  • Up and running with OCaml is a recently updated guide to getting both OCaml and opam (the OCaml Package Manager) installed on your system.
  • In terms of learning more about the OCaml language, there are lots of great resources including the Real World OCaml book, the learn-ocaml platform and the OCaml Manual in particular the introduction to the language.
  • If you want to go one step further, learning more about opam and dune (a popular build tool for OCaml) will really help (although note, doesn’t use dune…).

For the Outreachy summer batch, we’re offering three distinct projects. Two closely related to and one to odoc. You’ve probably already seen them but for others the projects can be found here.

The required skills section on that page should help indicate which projects are suitable for you.

Other than that if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask! There’s a Outreachy Applicant issue but I think you’ve already found that :)) I’m getting around to helping all of the applicants so bare with me.

Once again, thank you for wanting to contribute to the OCaml community!



hello @patricoferris.
thankyou so much for being so responsive to my doubts. I’ve gone through the documentation of OCaml and I’m trying to use it first and then set up the project base for outreachy. meanwhile, I’m also starting to learn OCaml from the resources you shared.
I went through the outreachy project page and I feel my skills are closely related to the one in Improve the website.
I’m willing to put my time and resources into this project and learn a lot of new things along the way.
OCaml is a completely new language for me, but I’ll try my best to align myself with it well before the outreachy contribution starts.
also one more question - is OCaml planning to participate in GSOC’21 too?
hoping to see some new good first issues very soon and work on them.
thanks again for the resources and information.

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I’ve got no plans to submit an application to GSoC. In recent years, the GSoC project selection process has been pretty difficult to predict, so the effort put into an application is often wasted. In contrast, with Outreachy we can find our own funding (last year, from the OCSF, this year from OCaml Labs, and so on) and connect up mentors to applicants with much more flexibility.

Glad to see so much activity on this year’s Outreachy! Welcome aboard the OCaml train :slight_smile: