Documentation options when odig doesn't work

odig tries to build all of the documentation for all of your installed packages. odig works very well, but my understanding is that it’s performing a difficult task, where challenges have to do with the different ways that packages can be written and configured. There are lots of error messages when it runs, and in some packages, the resulting documentation is incomplete. What are my options for other methods to attempt to get the packages documentation built?

For example, both odig odoc and odig ocamldoc produce documentation pages for hdf5 that consist solely of bare module declarations such as

module H5 = H5

However, when I go into the source file h5.mli, there are numerous declarations each with its own ocamldoc in the correct (** ... *) syntax.

(Of course one option is simply to read the ocamldoc in the .mli files.)

(In this case I tried running make doc in the source repo; that seems to do something, but I can’t find any resulting html files.)

That’s a bug on odig’s side: hd5 seems to be using pack which is currently not supported I’ll try to fix that in the next version sometime next year along with removing the useless warnings (most are related to the use of module aliases).

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Thanks @dbuenzli.

I was having trouble figuring out how to run ocamldoc or odoc without using odig, but I figured out what to add to hdf5’s _oasis file to build the docs.