Ocamldoc usage examples?

I know how to make documentation using using ocamldoc by configuring an _oasis file, and how to make documentation using odoc via jbuilder. I know how to use either ocamldoc or odoc with odig. I recognize that odoc is not publicly documented yet, but it will be, so if I want to create some documentation by hand, without odig, oasis, or jbuilder, I would use ocamldoc at this point in time.

ocamldoc has a manpage and detailed online documentation. However, there are lots of options, and neither the manpage nor the online documentation gives detailed examples of how to use ocamdoc. All of the examples I’ve found onine are toy examples. My experiments have had limited success. Simply passing path-qualified names of all of the .ml or .mli files in a project to ocamldoc doesn’t necessarily produce full documentation of functions, even when configuring _oasis to build the documentation does, so there’s something I’m not doing right.

Where are there some full-fledged examples of using ocamldoc to build documentation for an entire project?

I am in favor of including examples in documentation, as in many traditional unix man pages.

(I’m not inclined to try to fathom the mysteries of oasis’s setup.ml or myocamlbuild.ml to try to figure out what they are doing with ocamldoc. jbuilder build @doc --verbose is not informative about odoc usage either, as it happens.)

Don’t know about other build systems, but I’m using

ocamlbuild -use-ocamlfind b2piet.docdir/index.html

for my project b2piet. I’m guessing oasis should be similar. If I understand correctly, ocamldoc is too low level to be used on its own because it doesn’t have any flags for using ocamlfind directly…