Cyber-hackathon Frama-C + Binsec near Paris

(This is an event related to tools developed in OCaml, although the tools themselves are applied to C and assembly.)

If you are near Paris, come to the Cyber-hackathon Frama-C + Binsec, on 28/04 from 9h to 17h, at CEA List, in the Paris-Saclay campus (Nano-Innov, 2 bd Thomas Gobert, 91120 Palaiseau)!

This is an event dedicated to formal methods, code analysis, cybersecurity and reverse engineering, with the help of the Frama-C and Binsec frameworks.

During this day, you will be able to:

  • Bring your own C code to have it analyzed by the Frama-C team;
  • Participate in the tutorials and code analysis challenges with Frama-C;
  • Participate in the crackme and reverse challenges with the Binsec tool;
  • Learn how to use Frama-C/Binsec, or become proficient with them;
  • Participate in the development of these open-source platforms, developed mainly in OCaml.

Please register here: Inscription Cyber-Hackathon Frama-C + Binsec | (the form is in French, but feel free to contact us directly in English if you prefer).

By the way, the Frama-C and Binsec teams are hiring! Interns, PhDs, postdocs, temporary- and fixed-term researchers… drop by if you are interested!

For the Binsec and Frama-C teams,


Just a reminder that the event will take place in two weeks (just after ETAPS in Paris). Please register until 24/04 at Inscription Cyber-Hackathon Frama-C + Binsec |