OCaml Compiler Hacking Event



This topic is for discussing the OCaml Compiler Hacking events we host in Cambridge. We have our next event tomorrow and we might experiment with putting live updates up on here throughout the evening.

See more details about these events on the wiki, blog and mailing list.

UPDATE Summaries from the evening are now up, thanks to everyone who contributed :slight_smile:


Thanks Gemma! I can’t make tomorrow as I’m travelling, so the live updates will be exciting to have :slight_smile:


The blog link above has the most details. tl;dr:


Minor comment: maybe we should update things to work on page with more tasks, or ask people who work on them to update their progress.


It could be interesting if the page @objmagic posted could be updated.

I plan to organize the same type of event in Belgium. I begin with one in the first weekend of July but I would like to organize it more often, maybe monthly.

Do we create a special tag for Hacking sessions? It can encourage people to do the same in their country.


@dannywillems @objmagic Thanks both for the suggestion, it is a little out of date. We added some “newer” topics/projects for this event at the top as a temporary measure, but I think it would be great to get the list updated and get more people to feed back to it directly with progress.

It might be that the list would benefit from being more generalisable, i.e. not specific to the Cambridge meetup.

Which categories to create in the site

Sharing the list of topics among all the local compiler hacking groups would be a great way to spread the load of keeping the task list up-to-date! We could definitely use help on that @dannywillems @objmagic and anyone else who would like to host compiler hacking events.


Sure – what tag name would you like to cover these? “hackathon”?


Hackathon is interesting if the meaning we give is the hack (not business oriented like most of modern hackathons). It’s OK for me.