ML languages hacking evening in Pittsburgh, PA, US, July 13th

We are happy to announce a hacking session for languages of the ML family in the evening of July 13th in Pittsburgh, PA, US. The event will take place at CMU, between 16:30 and 22:30. Access instructions can be found at:

This event, organized by Anton Bachin, Adrien Guatto, Ram Raghunathan, Gabriel Scherer and Jon Sterling, is open to all programmers in a ML-family language, advanced or beginners. Attendees will be encouraged and assisted in making a contribution to an open source project, including in particular the OCaml and MLton (SML) compiler implementations – we will propose a list of tasks and project ideas, and try to help in providing technical advice, feedback and guidance for contribution.

Coming with a project in mind is also welcome. There are other impactful contribution than code: documentation contributions are warmly welcome. If you were waiting for an opportunity to scratch an ML-y itch in a friendly place, there it is!

Event implementation details are still being arranged, but we are not planning on having food at the event itself. We may go out in groups around dinner time, but feel free to eat beforehand or bring your own food.

Feel free to ask any relevant question in the present thread.


Do you, guys, have any posters? If you have, I can hang them on a wall inside our building (CIC). We have quite a few OCaml coders here, though since it is summer many are out…


@ivg sorry, we are not at this level of organization yet. I’ll think of getting a kick-ass poster designed for future events.