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This is Kanak. I am eagerly waiting for my outreachy results to work as an intern at OCaml. I am good at front-end development part and would love to contribute for OCaml website.
I have tried setting up the environment locally but since I am new to OCaml, can’t really find a way to start editing the HTML files. They are in markdown format and I am finding difficult to make changes in it. It would be really great, if i could get a help, so that I can start contributing as soon as possible.
Thanks beforehand !


The first step is to get the site building on your local machine. Have you done that?

Then you can start to modify the markdown files and see the effects in the generated HTML.

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Hi, Thanks @JohnWhitington for replying. That was much needed.

Can you tell me, if I have rightly built the site locally? I have attached the screenshot. And, if I am not wrong, I need to visit the “site” folder for making changes in the frontend part of this website. Right?

Hi @Kanak, welcome to the OCaml community :camel:!

I’m part of the team running the Outreachy projects. I’ve just tagged you in an issue over on the repository. A few things:

  • It looks like you’ve got the website code locally, great! I’m not sure you have built the site though. There will be an directory containing the built site after a successful build. This is the directory that will contain the index.html you can open to view the site locally in a browser.
  • You are also using Windows – OCaml/opam support directly on Windows isn’t quite there yet (not to mention the many other commands that run to build the site). If it is possible, your best bet at building the site is using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). I think this guide should help you get setup. I must confess I know very little about the OCaml + Windows world so if anyone else has better advice please do chime in.

Thanks again for wanting to contribute to OCaml.

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@patricoferris Thanks a ton. The guide that you have attached has near about solved my issues. I am now going to start working. Hurray !! :grinning:

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