Bisect_ppx 2.0.0 — code coverage for OCaml with nice HTML reports

I am pleased to announce release 2.0.0 of Bisect_ppx, the OCaml coverage tool, which helps you see which parts of your code are not being tested.


This release is a major upgrade. The highlights are:

  • Support for BuckleScript, js_of_ocaml, and esy. In other words, Bisect_ppx now compiles to both native code and JS, and is published in both opam and npm.
  • The ability to send reports automatically from Travis and CircleCI to Coveralls and Codecov. More integrations can be added over time.
  • The awkward (*BISECT-IGNORE*) comments for excluding code from instrumentation have been replaced by AST attributes like [@coverage off].
  • A new, more principled instrumentation algorithm.
  • A new reporter command line based on Cmdliner. Run bisect-ppx-report --help to get started with it.
  • Syntax highlighting.

You are invited to peruse the all-new README for details :slight_smile:

Several features have been deprecated; mostly command-line flags. You can see the list in the Deprecations section of the changelog. However, it may be easier to simply try using Bisect_ppx as before — it will warn you if you use a deprecated flag. The deprecated flags will be removed in Bisect_ppx 2.1.0, expected around July 2020.

Happy testing!


Simply, thank you! Coming from similar tools in other languages, this is going to make me feel right at home in OCaml. :grinning:

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@antron You’ve done great work. Thank you.