Bisect_ppx – OCaml code coverage with nice HTML reports

Bisect_ppx is the OCaml code coverage tool. Depend on it like any other PPX, then run your test suite. Each file gets a coverage report:

This gives a pretty decent sense of the gaps in your testing. It’s especially helpful when working with multiple contributors.

For a live example, see the report Bisect_ppx generates for itself.

Usage is pretty simple. There are instructions for ocamlfind, Ocamlbuild, OASIS, and Jbuilder. It basically consists of:

  1. making your source files depend on the bisect_ppx package,
  2. running your test suite, and
  3. passing the resulting raw coverage statistics through Bisect_ppx’s report tool.

ocveralls by Julien Sagot submits Bisect_ppx reports to

This announcement is prompted by the recent release of Bisect_ppx 1.3.0, which is a good opportunity to introduce the tool to Discourse :slight_smile:

Bisect_ppx has actually been out for several years. It is in use by Lwt, ctypes, Oml, and, among other projects. It was originally Bisect, by Xavier Clerc.

Happy testing!


The gif is still using ocamlbuild :wink:


We’ll be making a new one later :slight_smile: You can open an issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Any chance of renaming to something like coverage_ppx? Bisect_ppx gave me the completely wrong idea about the project.

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Yeah, I also found it strange when I first found the project. I don’t know how practical changing the name is at this point, but I opened an issue about it for any discussion.

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Excellent! Thanks Anton! Also, FWIW, I’m also in favor of changing its name to coverage_ppx.


@rdavison for the record, Bisect_ppx is currently maintained by myself and Leonid Rozenberg (@leonidr).

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My apologies, thanks for the correction Anton, and thanks to all involved

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