Asked a beginners question and got spam-filtered

I asked a beginner question and my post got deleted by “Akismet”. I was told the moderators would approve my post soon, but after a day, nothing happened. I can’t even see the post that I made. Could you help me?

Can you edit your message to include the question?

My original post isn’t visible anymore. I basically asked about which toolchain to use. I cited some parts of the manual that I can’t find anymore because my post isn’t visible and I didn’t keep a copy.

As far as I understood, there are two different tools for documentation and two different tools for auto-formatting?

Which are the new ones, and which are the old ones (e.g. ocamldoc vs odoc). The documentation confused me a bit. How does formatting and testing work in combination with dune? Is there some overview I can look into?

Current recommended tools are detailed in the OCaml Platform page: OCaml Platform

Look in the ‘Active’ section.


I don’t know who is this “Akismet” but searching for their name returns several people complaining about their moderation style.

it looks like its a spam protection tool?

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If not clear, this was tongue-in-cheek. If users are subject to automated treatment by “AI”, I expect that they are informed about it (and possible pitfalls and common false triggers); that in case of automated deletion they are informed of a possible recourse with a human; that this is acted upon promptly.

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Thanks, that’s what I was looking for to get a better overview.

Regarding Akismet, I guess I was just unlucky. The annoying part was that I couldn’t access my own post anymore and that I didn’t get a quick (human) reaction. I guess the issue will be resolved eventually and I’m happy that my second post (this thread) went through. I’ll write my future questions in the “Learning” category from now on.

I (one of the moderators taking care of this) was under the water this week and didn’t look at Discuss much. I just did earlier tonight, saw your topic in the queue, and approved it: Getting started with OCaml / Toolchain . Sorry for the trouble and weird experience.

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Thanks. No problem. I already got the answer here (so I wrote a tiny follow-up in the other thread).