Getting started with OCaml / Toolchain

Hi, I’m new to OCaml. I would like to create a simple project to start learning OCaml, and I would like to also learn the workflow with regard to compiling and documenting my project.

In that matter, I would like to know which toolchain is the idiomatic one. Coming from Rust, I was used to do everything with a single command (cargo). With OCaml, I now see several tools:

  • ocamlbuild vs dune (build system)
  • ocamldoc vs odoc (automatic documentation)
  • opam (package manager)

I assume that opam is just for distribution and not for building?

Is it correct that dune and odoc are replacing ocamlbuild and ocamldoc? The OCaml manual refers to ocamldoc though.

How should my workflow / toolchain look like ideally?

My post got answered in the other thread meanwhile: