Are there any OCaml podcasts out there?

Over the last two years OCaml has become my favorite language to program in. Decades of resources, open source projects, mailing list posts and IRC/Discord logs all helped me develop a taste for ML and build real things that were previously out of my comfort zone. Unfortunately, I’m currently not in a circle where I can tap into know-how of experienced OCaml developers, and I feel like I’m missing out.

I’ve been listening to lately, and I really like the casual format. Do you have anything similar, on any medium, that you are following?


I’ve never heard of an OCaml-specific podcast but I think sometimes OCamlers go on as guests in other podcasts. One that I enjoyed was @avsm on FLOSS Weekly talking about Mirage and OCaml


There was also a series of podcasts done during the December 2017 MirageOS hack retreat: MirageOS audio profiles (podcast series).


Signals & Threads hosted by @Yaron_Minsky just came out and although not exclusively about OCaml, it almost always comes up since it powers critical infrastructure at JaneStreet. The first episode covers programmable hardware via FPGAs and touches on how the Hardcaml library makes designing and testing hardware designs with OCaml a pleasure.

I can’t wait for more episodes!