A gentle reminder about the OCaml Weekly News

If you find it difficult to follow all the OCaml news, I’ve been publishing a weekly summary at https://alan.petitepomme.net/cwn/. You can browse them there, subscribe to the RSS feed, or receive them by email.

Don’t hesitate to ping me if you find something I should mention!


The oldest CWN I found in my emails is dated 2006-05-23 - very impressing. Thank you for your service, I appreciate it very much.


Thank you for the kind words.

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We now have an excellent podcast (IMHO) in the OCaml world:
Signals & Threads by Yaron Minsky. Maybe you want to announce new episodes on CWN?


I"m afraid there won’t be new episodes for a while, since we just ended our first season…

Thanks for the kind words, though!



The podcast feed could be syndicated at https://ocaml.org/community/planet/ and I would automatically include it each week.

I can also subscribe to the feed, but syndication make my life easier :wink:

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I personally think this newsletter should be the central entrypoint/homepage for most information and announcements, directing people to discuss, blog posts, and new opam packages.