[ANN] Unicode 14.0.0 update for Uucd, Uucp, Uunf and Uuseg


Unicode 14.0.0 was released on the 14th of september.

It adds 838 new characters to the standard including, for our friends from Central Asia, support for Old Uyghur. For information about all the other additions, see the announcement page.

Accordingly the libraries mentioned at the end of this message had to be updated, consult the individual release notes for details. Both Uucd and Uucp are incompatible releases sinces new script and block enumerants had to be added.



P.S. Though I’m not very fond of the concept, I recently enabled sponsors on my github account as an experiment. So I’d like to thanks my github sponsors, @davesnx became the first one monday.


Thank you for your useful libraries that are used everywhere in the OCaml ecoystem.

Though its not related to the topic of your post, I wanted to ask you if you might consider moving to dune in your projects. The reason is that dune vendoring is often extremely useful feature but it requires the other projects to use dune also. Dune is a project under the ocaml organization as you know and development takes place there in the open.

As a workaround, there is the GitHub - dune-universe/opam-overlays: An opam remote with the various Dune modified repositories in this org repository which dune-ifies a lot of non-dune packages. A lot of your libraries are dunified there. Clearly there is a need for this.

I am not in favor of a mono-culture but unifying on something like dune helps because of the some of nice things dune provides. Additionally dune helps the project integrate well with merlin/ocaml-lsp.

Again, there is no compulsion to use dune. But it would be nice to have them for your projects. Ordinarily this would not matter but since your libraries are used in a lot of places this would be something useful to have!


P.S. In case you were wondering I am just an ordinary OCaml enthusiast. I dont work for the big finance firm that created dune :slight_smile: