[ANN] Release of `fmlib.0.2.0`

I am pleased to announce the second release (0.2.0) of fmlib, a functional
library with managed effects.

The library has up to now 4 components:

The last component is the new one in version 0.2.0. Internally it uses
js_of_ocaml to compile to javascript. It is an easy to use library of
primitive functions to access mainly browser functionality from ocaml and some
rudimentary functions to access nodejs functionality.

It can be installed via opam by

opam update
opam install fmlib
opam install fmlib_js

It is located at github


Hint: fmlib is still a bundle of three libraries i.e. three toplevel modules Fmlib_std, Fmlib_pretty and Fmlib_parse. Therefore they have to be used in a dune file with

(libraries fmlib.fmlib_std fmlib.fmlib_pretty fmlib.fmlib_parse ...)

while the new library can be used with

(libraries fmlib_js ...)

This inconvenience will be corrected in the next release.