[ANN] Fmlib 0.5.8 with unicode parsers

I have the pleasure to announce version 0.5.8 of fmlib. fmlib is a functional monadic library which features combinator parsing, elm like browser applications, and pretty printing. This release focuses mainly combinator parsing. The added functionality is:

Furthermore the library Fmlib_browser (doc (fmlib_browser.doc)) has added functionality to make parallel http requests (in general parallel tasks).

The main features of Fmlib_parse are:

  • Indentation sensitive parsing: The parsers can parse indentiation sensitive languages like Python, Haskell, Yaml, etc. (parse_indentation (fmlib_parse.parse_indentation))
  • Incremental parsing: The parsers have inversion of control. I.e. they do not read from streams. The user can push characters or tokens into the parsers. The parsing process can be interrupted and resumed at any time.
  • Immutable: The parser can therefore be used in live editors. The parsers can e.g. be stored at the beginning of each line. After editing a line the parser can be restarted by feeding it the current line an following.
  • Nicely formatted error messages (parse_format (fmlib_parse.parse_format))

When Iā€™m trying to open this link: https://fmlib_ocaml.readthedocs.io/


Sorry, wrong link. Try https://fmlib-ocaml.readthedocs.io/

Thanks for the hint. Should be corrected now.

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