[ANN] Release of `fmlib.0.1.0`

I am pleased to announce the release of the first version (0.1) of fmlib, a functional monadic library.

Beside some primitive data types fmlib has support for

  • pretty printing

  • combinator parsing

It features a functional monadic style of programming.

The pretty printer does not actually print. It generates a lazy stream of characters and can therefore adapted to any input/output method.

The parsers are combinator parsers which can parse indentation sensitive content easily. The combinators are parsec like. The parsers are fully incremental and do not read any data. Therefore you can choose your on input method and just push the read characters (or bytes) into the parser until success or failure is reached.

fmlib can be installed from opam via opam install fmlib. Since it is a new package, it is necessary to issue opam update before the installation.

Please read the documentation here

Any comments, issues etc. are welcome.


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