[ANN] Brr 0.0.6 and Note 0.0.3


There’s a new release of Brr and Note.

Brr is an ISC licenced toolkit for programming browsers with the js_of_ocaml compiler.
Note is an experimental ISC licensed library for functional reactive programming.

If finally got to split away the Note FRP stuff from Brr. The brr package therefore no longer depends on the note package. If you used the brr.note library it now lives in note.brr. Accordingly the toplevel module names were changed from Brr_note* to Note_brr*.

Among other things, the Brr release also brings a revamped Uri module which was a bit broken. Have a look the release notes before upgrading if you are using it. Thanks to Max Lang for noticing and helping to fix that.



A big thanks to my donators.