[ANN] Brr 0.0.5, the WebGPU edition


There’s a new release of Brr.
Brr is an ISC licenced toolkit for programming browsers with the js_of_ocaml compiler.

The highlight of this release is support for the new WebGPU API that is gradually being rolled out in browsers. You can find it in the Brr_webgpu.Gpu module – the binding is large and has been little tested so far, early adopters may run into glitches. But the 250 lines example to render the usual triangle works.

The release notes have the other changes.

The WebGPU binding work was supported by a grant from the OCaml Software Foundation. A big thank to my donators aswell, I welcome and thank a new private donator.

Homepage: https://erratique.ch/software/brr
Docs: https://erratique.ch/software/brr/doc (or odig doc brr)
Install: opam install brr (once this PR has been merged)