[ANN] Brr 0.0.4


There’s a new release of brr. brr is a toolkit for programming browsers with the js_of_ocaml compiler.

An important note and a few highlights:

  • Important. The js_of_ocaml devs are making good progress towards support for OCaml 5 effects (yay!). A side effect (haha) is that the way brr’s cookbook suggested to callback from JavaScript to OCaml breaks – my fault. It also entails a change in the API to listen and unlisten events. See this section of the release notes and the updated cookbook for callbacks and exposing OCaml to JavaScript.

    brr itself has been sanitized, thanks to @vouillon’s for his help. If you created bindings to callback APIs or exposed OCaml functions to JavaScript git grep for your Jv.repr usages and replace them with the new Jv.callback function. If you didn’t and just used brr’s APIs you have nothing to do.

  • New bindings to Web MIDI.

  • WebWorker safe brr. You can now safely link any of brr’s module in a WebWorker and it won’t explode in your face. Previously we had a few toplevel module initialization bits that were accessing stuff that is not available in WebWorkers.

Other than that there are the little additions and tweaks here and there, all of which you can read about in the release notes.

Home page, Docs and manuals or odig doc brr
Install: opam install brr



A big thanks to my donators.