Width of spacetime analysis window

I built my executable with the spacetime variant of OCaml 4.07.1. I set the sampling interval to 10 seconds, and let my program run for a bit over an hour.

When I view the resulting profile with “serve” or “view”, I only see about 300 seconds of data, rather than the 3600 seconds I’d expect. Is there a cap on the amount of profile data in spacetime?

The time shown is a sum of user and sys time, not wall clock time, so you probably have data for your whole execution just not labeled as you expect.

Interesting – is there any way to extract or infer wall clock or annotate in some way? I’d like to correlate memory footprint with specific network events.

Thanks for the prompt response and clarification.

That’s why we added support for “events” to spacetime, which are just strings labelled with their time in the spacetime data that you add with:

val save_event_for_automatic_snapshots : event_name:string -> unit

However, I’ve never found the time to add the events to the displayed output in prof_spacetime so they are currently useless.